About me

Petr's daily pentest notes and cheat sheets.

My name is Petr Juhanak, I am penetration tester and trainer at HackingKurzy.cz a school for starting ethical hackers.

As you know when you are learning something new, there is 80 percent of practice and the rest is a theory. It's great to recall what has been proven over time and that's why I created this wiki as a pentest playbook. Everything I have learned is thanks to a security community.


Legal Disclaimer

The whole content on this site serves for education purposes only. Never tests systems you don't own. Build your own lab and practice inside. Current technology allows you to build virtual computers and networks at home.

Testing a system without the written authorization of its owner is a criminal act. Keep in mind that the systems you are testing affect also end-users who might have different legislation protection.

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