Network Manager

Connection Manager in Kali, Ubuntu and Debian

Even we disable wifi radio or all network interfaces via network manager CLI or GUI the wifi monitoring programs are going to complain about interference with running Network Manager process. It's better to stop the process itself.

Stop Network Manager Completely

systemctl stop NetworkManager

Disable Wifi Only

nmcli radio wifi off

# reverse change back
nmcli radio wifi on 

List Devices

The wifi radio device is now unmanaged - out of NetworkManager hands

nmcli device

DEVICE  TYPE      STATE        CONNECTION         
eth0    ethernet  connected    Wired connection 1 
wlan0   wifi      unavailable  --                 
lo      loopback  unmanaged    --      

Disable Networking

In order to disable management of all cards by network manager we can use network configuraiton option

mcli networking off
nmcli device                                                         2 ⨯

eth0    ethernet  unmanaged  --         
lo      loopback  unmanaged  --         
wlan0   wifi      unmanaged  --                                            

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