Shell Fu - Oneliners

Simple linux commands to make the work done faster

URI analysis - JavaScript Enumeration

cat file.js | grep -aoP "(?<=(\"|\'|\`))\/[a-zA-Z0-9_?&=\/\-\#\.]*(?=(\"|\'|\`))" | sort -u

cURL - NTLM authentication

curl -k --ntlm -u username:password URL

With an authentication within the domain (double slash for shell as escape sequence)

curl -k --ntlm -u DOMAIN\\username:password URL

A silent (-s,--silent) version with HTTP status code reporting

curl -s -o /dev/null -w \"%{http_code}\" -k --ntlm -u -u username:password URL

Join - User_Pass Wordlist Compilation

A replacement of a first ":" character is needed anyway, regex replacement needed "\n:", "\n"

join -j 2 -t $':' users.txt pass10k.txt

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